How I Do IT

Agile isn't just a mindset, it's a lifestyle. The technology teams I procure eat, breathe, sleep the agile manifesto. We don't just build software, we build systems that enable businesses to harness the full power of their data and information.

Data is the soul of any enterprise. My teams will help you curate that information and unlock its full potential, allowing it to become a living entity within your business.

I have been building teams that engineer complex distributed enterprise systems for over 16 years, and specialize in implementing data driven systems from the ground up. I will:

  • Hand pick a technology team tailored specifically to your needs and goals. I have an extensive network of UX designers, front end developers, server side engineers, data scientists, and database architects who all live for one thing: Delighting the hell out of our clients.
  • Enable seamless integration into your existing IT infrastructure, and leverage existing IT resources to their fullest extent. My team IS your team.
  • Provide end to end project management with a constant, always-on feedback loop for your stakeholders. My teams are all proponents of Continuous Integration, so you'll always have access to a window of your project's progression from vision, to final product.
  • When it's time to hand the project off to existing on-prem IT staff, we'll ensure you know more about your system than we do by providing training, user shadowing, and ongoing usability studies.
  • Ready for version[dot]NEXT? No problem. Our systems are built to be fully extensible and integration ready for whatever you business needs to throw at it.

Ready to build? Fabulous. It's time to level up, take control of your data and dial it up to 11. No client is too big or small, whether you need a simple web presence, a suite of distributed data analytics systems, or a portfolio of multiple layered integration projects, I've got your back.

It’s time to build.

Let's rock

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