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  • Aaron Spelling -- Dead at 83

    I don’t want to admit it, but I was a huge Beverly Hills 90210 and Melrose Place fan back in the day.  The man behind those dramas is dead at age 83.  RIP.
  • .Text .95 to Community Server 2.0 Migration Assistant

    Shannon asks me the other day (general wording is mine, not his):

    Will there be an option for all the .Text holdouts who didn’t want to move to Community Server 1.0?  Will we have to upgrade to an interim build first and then to 2.0, or can we go straight from .Text .95 to CS 2.0?

    First off, I’m ecstatic that he’s considering the move over to the CS platform as obviously it’s a kickass product, and .Text is largely dead (though subText seems to be doing pretty well).  Second, that’s a fantastic question:  I wrote my own migration tool back when CS1.0 was released that was essentially a database to database migration using DTS; Kevin Harder came along and trumped me with a very nice tool of his own that used the CS API to migrate the data, which became the defacto migration tool in the community and was generally easier to use and less error prone.

    So I emailed Kevin and asked him just that…the answer is a resounding yes that he’ll be updating his migration tool to support a .Text .95 to Community Server 2.0 scenario.  Before anyone asks…there is indeed a timeframe in place, but nothing is nailed down yet so I can’t mention it here.  It’ll be done when it’s done, and it’ll definitely be done by the 2.0 RTM.  This is great news though, and hopefully CS2.0 will be a compelling enough upgrade to get the rest of the .Text folks over to the new platform.


  • Community Server Live Demo -- Updated to Latest Build

    I have updated my CS Live Demo to the latest build (currently 51014).  The Virtual Server I’m hosting it in has been acting a little funky recently, so it might run a little slow.  I’ve been accepted into the Virtual Server SP1 beta program over on betaplace (which behaves horribly with Firefox I might add), so I’ll be upgrading my servers within the next couple of days…huge performance increases have been reported with the service pack.

    It’s a pretty safe bet that the next point release of CS will support CommentAPI natively by the way…all I need to do is get my changes checked in sometime this week before the next drop.  It’s worth mentioning that CS will ship with this feature turned off by default, though this will be configurable via the admin piece.

  • On the Tenth Anniversary of Firefox, New Developer Edition Unleashed

    I've been using Firefox for a long, long time…ever since the early betas, and jumped on board as soon as 1.0 was released exactly 10 years ago. As a professional web developer, it goes without saying that I have to use quite the plethora of different browsers to get my job done (love 'em or hate 'em):

    • Internet Explorer
    • Firefox
    • Google Chrome
    • Safari
    • For a while, Opera
    • Numerous mobile browsers

    For a while, Firefox was the de facto for developers as the developer tools far surpassed anything offered in any other browser. Then along came Google Chrome with its own arsenal of built in developer tools, and at the time it was faster, leaner. I never fully made the switch over for all of my browser needs, but when it came to debugging the client portion of web development, it was the go-to option. Firefox has made huge strides in performance and other options, but to get a full blown client debugging experience meant installing quite a few 3rd party tools, and it just never seemed to mesh together quite as well as Chrome, so reticently I would still use Chrome for complicated debugging scenarios, even though with subsequent releases over the past couple of years, Chrome has really gone downhill in most developers' opinions. See my post on why performance in Chrome is so awful for more information, not to mention that for the most part I loathe Google as a company, to the point that I don't even use them as my primary search engine anymore (hello Bing! believe it or not…yes, I'm not kidding, Bing is superior in this developer's mind)…I just find their business practices creepy and invasive. But the amount of resources it takes to run Chrome is unacceptable.

    To celebrate their 10th anniversary, Mozilla has released a developer edition of their Firefox browser (this is replacing their Aurora release trunk, which I've used since it's been available) which has all of Mozilla's web debugging tools baked in, and runs in a slim, sleek, minimal interface. Read more about it here, download it here, and best of all, you can run it in parallel with either the release or preview trunks of the regular Firefox browser. I put it through some serious paces, compared it with Chrome, and it's a no-brainer for this developer: The last piece of Google software installed on my machines is gone, Chrome is banished from my toolkit. Some Google products still have a place in my overall web developer portfolio, notably their webmaster tools, which are excellent for website analytics. I use their Feedburner service for RSS syndication (though this isn't by choice, I was using Feedburner long before they were acquired by Google). I have some Google ads on my website in non-invasive blocks to help slightly offset the cost of hosting. But these tools are all confined to one very small portion of my online footprint: My personal website…in no way shape or form does Google have any access to my own personal browsing habits as I no longer use either of their flagships: Chrome, and (I do have a Gmail account, but it's my junk account). And that makes me quite pleased. So, thank you Firefox for the multiple facets your release of Firefox Developer has helped me out in!

    Firefox tags for more reading.

  • I Blame Bush

    [edit] I made a mistake...they were actually trackback spams.  Not that it makes any difference.  [/edit]

    The comment spammers have f’d it up for the rest of you guys (95 spams today, a new record for me)…for the first time since I’ve started blogging (almost 2 years now), I am going to have to turn moderation on.  I’m pretty religious about checking email so the comment turnaround should usually be pretty quick if you choose to leave one.  Man the internet really pisses me off sometimes…goddamn spammers.

    The good news is that the next build of CS will support IP banning…I’ll get the newest build up and running within the next couple of weeks; I hate having to moderate comments.  Cheers.

  • Change is in the Air -- Reloaded

    I recently came across this skin and decided that it would be a welcome addition to my site (for now it’s only on the blog page, but I’m working on the rest of; it will also be the theme I’ll use when I migrate over to Community Server 2.0, so I figured I’d get everyone on board early with the GUI changes.  Overall it’s still got the same basic “look and feel” as my previous theme, but “looks and feels” quite a bit more polished IMO.  RSS folks click here to have a look.

    As always, recommendations are welcome, and I’m still in the process of doing some minor CSS tweaks from my end (namely getting back to a dual sidebar layout as the left sidebar is a bit cluttered for my taste).  Thoughts?

    Sidenote:  I’ll be getting back to doing more technical posts once the holidays are over…I have drafts/notes for lots of stuff, but a severe lack of time as of late.  I’ll be doing a “best of” post within the next few days to provide a refresher for any new visitors.

  • Community Server Live Demo -- Updated to Beta 2

    I’ve updated my Community Server Live Demo site (login is bob/iambob) to an internal beta 2 build (meaning it’s not released to the general public yet, but it should be soon)…I need you guys to go poke around and try to break stuff/find bugs if/when you get a chance.  Our bug list is getting pretty short, so hopefully we’re getting close to a final release soon…which is fantastic news.

    It’s stable enough that I’ll probably be rolling with this build on my main site soon, perhaps this weekend…so expect some changes in the very near future.

  • News of the Disgusting

    I try not to link to plain news stories, but this is just flat out disgusting (and therefore worth blogging about).  From the article:

    Marcus Wesson, the domineering patriarch of a clan bred through incest, was convicted Friday of murdering nine of his children, whose bodies were found in a bloody pile last year at the end of a police standoff.

    Wesson's conviction on nine counts of first-degree murder makes him eligible for the death penalty. He also was found guilty on all 14 counts of raping and molesting seven of his underage daughters and nieces.

    In the words of Jules Winnfield; “This is some fucked up repugnant shit.”  I simply can’t even begin to fathom what possesses some people to act the way they do.  The article also mentions that his family (I'm assuming the members he didn't kill) still supports him?  At some point you really have to just walk away…let it go man.  Bleh.

  • Oh. My. God.

    You simply must be kidding me.  Is this really at the top of America’s priority list right now?  I’m speechless…
  • Heading Off To Dallas -- Revised

    My trip to Dallas for my round of Microsoft interviews was pushed back a week; I'll be flying in on the 12th of this month, interviews will be conducted for most of the day on the 13th, and I'll head back home that evening.  I really wanted to try and stay over the weekend, but other obligations are preventing that from happening.  I'm as ready as I'll ever be, and as I've stated before no amount of studying can prepare anyone for the MS interview process.

    Sidenote:  I hate flying.  Actually, that's not true...I love the actual flying and landing parts, it's the taking off that really gets to me.  I don't know why...I used to fly a lot (half a dozen times a year or so for a few years) but around age 23+- taking off started making my palms sweat.  Maybe it's just the control freak inside of me, who knows.  If I get this gig I better get over that real quick!

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