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  • Resurrected

    For a while I've hosted this website from a virtualized web server running in my house. The hard disk that was housing the VHD failed a few months ago, and I just now got around to getting all the files I needed off of it. Self hosting is a labor of love (emphasis on the labor part), so I've decided to renew my services with the good folks over at ASPNix. I'm back up and running, and will start posting some new content soon, renewing my series of "Computing Explained In Layman's Terms" as well as exploring more design patterns. Also, if anyone needs a site hosted, I have 24 domains left and would be happy to host your site for free, or perhaps for an exchange of services. Stay tuned!

  • Donald Trump is Blogging

    Check out Donald Trump’s blog.  I guess it was only a matter of time.
  • Community Server 2.0 Beta 2 -- Available Now

    As promised, Community Server 2.0 beta 2 was released into the wild today (about an hour ago actually)…you can follow the discussion over on this thread if you’d like (please post feedback there).  The two most notable features of this release is that the legacy settings page has been pulled from the suite completely (replaced by the control panel piece), and also the addition of an MSI installer package for super quick setup (it literally takes about 2 minutes).  There is a small bug in the installer which will cause it to fail:  You cannot use a period (.) in the database name (even if you surround the name in brackets [ ])…other than that it runs flawlessly and supports remote database installation (the site itself is installed on your local machine).

    All in all, this is the biggest release yet for the CS team…huge congratulations to them; I know there were many a late night spent getting this release out of the door on time.  Way to go guys!

    You can download the newest MSI installer based release from here.  If you prefer the web based installer, you can find that release here.

  • Enter "The Burkelizer"

    Dave Burke has kicked off the Community Server Daily News blog over on  I’m looking forward to seeing what he comes up with!
  • System.Reflection BaseType Woes -- Answer

    Phil hit the nail on the head in response to my earlier post (which I discovered the hard way) about getting the base type via reflection when a derived type of said type is declared as an array.  I don’t know how I missed it, but there is a GetElementType() method belonging to System.Type that can be used to get the underlying type contained in an array, reference type, or pointer.  Read more about it here.  So this line:


    Should actually be this:


    This returns the correct value, which should be "Person".  System.Reflection is a mighty big/complex namespace; I learn more about it with each project I work on.

  • Upgraded To Community Server 2.1 RTM has been upgraded to the RTM of CS2.1.  I wasn’t even going to post about it, but I also thought I’d mention that I added a ton of Google ads just to piss off Rick Reszler (he mentioned his disdain here) :-P.  And I made them bright green!  Rick, I would have added more but that would have violated Google’s TOS for adsense.

    Regardless I’m really diggin’ me some CS2.1.  Long live CS!

    Sidenote:  For those of you who don’t know Rick, he’s the man with the plan over at ASPnix, and is also a good buddy of mine (his wife’s birthday is today…happy birthday Mrs. Wizz!).  While we’re doling out b-day shoutouts, happy birthday to Gary as well!  Today’s a good day to be a CS’er.

  • What's Your Favorite .Net Namespace?

    When I moved from the legacy VB6/ASP realm a few years back, it was a huge jump…the sheer amound of classes and namespaces in .Net took me close to 6 months to get my head wrapped around.  Ironically enough, the (IMO) scariest namespace for me at the time is most definitely my favorite:  System.Reflection.  It’s one of the larger namespaces, and the amount of functionality exposed by it is staggering.  I’ve used reflection of some sort on virtually every project I’ve worked on (it’s an absolute neccessity for building any kind of application framework I think).  Early on in the .Net days, I actually lost a couple of project bids due to my lack of knowledge of (and complete misunderstanding of how to use) reflection.  I don’t claim to be an expert on it now by any means, but after having gained a better understanding of it, I can’t imagine not having this functionality.  System.Runtime.Remoting (with all of it’s quirks and intracacies) runs a close second for me, though most applications don’t really benefit from the classes exposed by this namespace unless specifically called for…it is mighty powerful though if used correctly.  Least favorite namespace?  Most definitely System.Text.RegularExpressions, which is something I really need to change.
  • This Can't Be Good

    The morning commute is absolutely gonna suck for the Charlotteans that have to drive to work...that being said, I get to work from home.  At least I'll get the pleasure of seeing my dog slip and slide all over the ice when I walk him in the morning :-).


  • Google to Release Application Bundle Tomorrow

    From Ars Technica (full article here):

    …Google will also take the wraps off of "Google Pack," a bundle of applications that will be made available for download in a single installation bundle. Sources tell us that Google pack will feature a Google-tweaked version of Firefox, Adobe Acrobat Reader, antivirus software from Symantec, AdAware, Trillian, and Google's own offerings, including Google Desktop Search, Picasa, Google Earth, Google Talk, and all of the toolbar action you can shake a stick at. Oh, and I left out one other item: the RealPlayer.

    This is the first interesting piece of news to come out of the Google camp for a while (what with the L.A. Times really dropping the ball recently).  I use all of the software in that list except for AdAware and RealPlayer (my first reaction to seeing RealPlayer in the bundle is probably the same one any readers of this will have, but Google probably had no choice as they would have had to approach either Apple or MS which would create a strong branding conflict, though they could have perhaps used WinAmp which while owned by AOL, still has a brand separate of that…who knows), and I’m a huge Google fan, so it’ll be interesting to see what they’ve done to tie in their services to these applications.

    I do realize I didn’t mention anything about the first half of the article (the Google video stuff); I’m simply not interested in it whatsoever.

  • Community Server Live Demo -- Updated to Latest Build

    I have updated my CS Live Demo to the latest build (currently 51014).  The Virtual Server I’m hosting it in has been acting a little funky recently, so it might run a little slow.  I’ve been accepted into the Virtual Server SP1 beta program over on betaplace (which behaves horribly with Firefox I might add), so I’ll be upgrading my servers within the next couple of days…huge performance increases have been reported with the service pack.

    It’s a pretty safe bet that the next point release of CS will support CommentAPI natively by the way…all I need to do is get my changes checked in sometime this week before the next drop.  It’s worth mentioning that CS will ship with this feature turned off by default, though this will be configurable via the admin piece.

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