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  • GMail Gripes

    Found some gripes with GMail (actually was going to write about 3 gripes, but they just fixed one of them recently...not letting you navigate away from an unsent email without prompting you to save it/send it/whatever...similar to what .Text does for posts). The gripe is: Email address autocomplete only works for multiple addresses seperated with a comma (if the previous email address is autocompleted, a comma is automatically inserted after the address, for email addresses keyed in manually, it...
  • All's Well That Ends Well

    My most recent contract is up (funny how a 3 month contract ends after...well...3 months). It was an interesting experience, plus I got to work with some of the fine folks from Avanade on a medium size project towards the end. Nice guys, and damn good at what they do for a living. So what's next for Jayson? To be honest, I'm a little burnt out on coding lately...I'm probably going to take some time off for family/friends/pets/etc as I've barely seen any of them lately. I'll be doing some small project...
  • I've Got GMail Invites

    [Update] The folks at Google must really like me...they've given me some more invites, 6 in all. Keep the requests coming! [Update] Down to 1 invite. [Update] They gave me a couple more, spent one on the g/ I now have 4. Geeediton! [Update] 3 left. Get 'em while they're hot! First 6 comments on this post gets 'em (comments only please, and make sure you leave a way for me to get in touch with you). Shaweeet! I'll keep giving them away as I get them, so if you don't get one this round, keep...
  • Dead Modem< /taps>

    Came home to a dead modem last night. Funeral services will be held tomorrow afternoon, ping me for details. I've never lost a modem's so painful *sniffle*. On a lighter note, appologies to my two readers for any 404 errors received over the past 14 hours. Cheers.
  • BizTalk Almighty

    I ran across this post today and wanted to (briefly) drop my two cents. I worked with BizTalk 2000 way back in the day (circa 2001) and immediately fell in love with the product (enough to run out and get certified ( 663335/NotANumber) on it). There was a small problem though: No one had jumped on the BizTalk bandwagon yet, so my experiences were limited to outside consulting for companies that were looking to implement some sort of EDI solution without the hassle of...well...writing one themselves...
  • GMail 3rd Party Apps?

    [Update] Found one from the monster itself . Neat! Now that I'm all Gmail'd up, anybody out there have a list of 3rd party apps that are available for Gmail? I've seen a few floating around the blogosphere from time to time, but didn't note them as I didn't have a need. Oh, and if either of my 2 readers are counting, this is my hundredth post :-). As a side note, I discovered a really cool hit counter site, check out . It's FREE as well!
  • Olympics -- Men's High Bar Competition

    I have refrained from commenting on the Olympics thusfar, I'm all for our American gymnasts, however the Russian guy so clearly schooled the rest of the field on high bar tonight, yet didn't even get a medal (even after 10 minutes of booing from the crowd for the unfair scoring of his routine). Anyone who watched this competition tonight knows exactly what I'm talking about. 'nuff said.
  • Blah Part Three -- Microsoft Product Support Services (PSS)

    I was going to let my latest experience with Microsoft Product Support Services (PSS) fall through the cracks and not even blog about it (not exactly proud of the fact that I contacted them, but more on that later), but the experience was, needless to say, downright comical. First a little background about me. For those of you who don't know, I worked for MS for a year in their Developer Support division (it was supposed to be a way to get my foot in the door...obviously, it didn't work out. It actually...
  • Got GMail?

    Huge ups to Travis for hooking me up with a GMail invite. I had it in my head that I was going to switch over to gmail only (no more Outlook), however, Lookout for Outlook pretty much negates the reasoning behind this. The only compelling reason to use gmail is the fact that I can access my email from I am contemplating setting up some rules in Outlook to forward specific mail to my gmail account, as well as keeping it in my .pst file as well. This way, I can have access to important...
  • Resharper -- Anyone Have any Thoughts on this Product?

    Sounding board for anyone who has any rants/raves about JetBrains Resharper VS.NET add-in. I am downloading a demo as I write this.

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