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  • The New HP Digital Photography Commercials Rock!

    [Update] I finally found them on the HP website ...and I knew I recognized the band in the's The Kinks. If you haven't seen these commercials yet, run and check them out...they're great! Does anyone know where I can find these online? Very creative and well done, not to mention a great song that accompanies it.
  • Raymond Tracks Spam

    I don't know where he finds time to track spam , but he does a really good job...very interesting post.
  • Outlook Lookout is Out of Control!

    I'm running into two issues with the Lookout plugin for Outlook: There appears to be a memory leak...and I'm 99% sure it's Lookout related. In task manager, outlook.exe spirals out of control if left unchecked, beyond 150 megs of RAM at times. I've never seen it balloon like this before (of course I'm noticing it more now that I'm down to half a gig of memory ). I'm noticing processor race conditions when my machine is left idle for 20 minutes or so. The culprit? outlook.exe pegging the processor...
  • Obligatory 9/11 Post -- Where Were You on 9/11?

    Wow...has it been 3 years already? Where was I when all the commotion started happening? I was actually in the middle of a job interview ...ok, not actually in the middle of it, but getting ready for it. Not a good indicator as to what the outcome of the interview was going to be, and I guess the interview ended up being more of a formality than anything else as they obviously weren't going to hire anyone new until they got a read on the economy (or lack thereof as it turned out...they made the right...
  • Temperament Sorter

    Stumbled across this test (yeah, registration required...before you register, wtf is this? ), but really dug the results (seems to be pretty right on) is my temperament according to this test (hope I live up to the results :-)): Your Temperament Is Rational Rationals, are the problem solving temperament, particularly if the problem has to do with the many complex systems that make up the world around us. Rationals might tackle problems in organic systems such as plants and animals, or in mechanical...
  • [OT] Wow...Sunshine!

    The sun came out today for the first time in what felt like about a week, and finally I was able to walk my dog without getting drenched (umbrellas were useless). Frances gave us about 4 inches of rain before it was all said and done, but the Carolina mountains really took a beating, getting over a foot in some places. Of course, this paled in comparison to Hugo which came ripping straight through here 15 years ago. I was but a wee lad back then, and lived out in the country (well, it's not country...
  • GMail Gripes

    Found some gripes with GMail (actually was going to write about 3 gripes, but they just fixed one of them recently...not letting you navigate away from an unsent email without prompting you to save it/send it/whatever...similar to what .Text does for posts). The gripe is: Email address autocomplete only works for multiple addresses seperated with a comma (if the previous email address is autocompleted, a comma is automatically inserted after the address, for email addresses keyed in manually, it...
  • All's Well That Ends Well

    My most recent contract is up (funny how a 3 month contract ends after...well...3 months). It was an interesting experience, plus I got to work with some of the fine folks from Avanade on a medium size project towards the end. Nice guys, and damn good at what they do for a living. So what's next for Jayson? To be honest, I'm a little burnt out on coding lately...I'm probably going to take some time off for family/friends/pets/etc as I've barely seen any of them lately. I'll be doing some small project...
  • I've Got GMail Invites

    [Update] The folks at Google must really like me...they've given me some more invites, 6 in all. Keep the requests coming! [Update] Down to 1 invite. [Update] They gave me a couple more, spent one on the g/ I now have 4. Geeediton! [Update] 3 left. Get 'em while they're hot! First 6 comments on this post gets 'em (comments only please, and make sure you leave a way for me to get in touch with you). Shaweeet! I'll keep giving them away as I get them, so if you don't get one this round, keep...
  • Dead Modem< /taps>

    Came home to a dead modem last night. Funeral services will be held tomorrow afternoon, ping me for details. I've never lost a modem's so painful *sniffle*. On a lighter note, appologies to my two readers for any 404 errors received over the past 14 hours. Cheers.

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