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  • Firefox Memory Leak?

    This is the second time I’ve noticed this since upgrading from 1.0.4 to 1.0.6; looking in task manager, Firefox is sitting at a whopping 240 megs (with a maximum of 316 being reported)…5 tabs open, and they are lightweight pages in terms of size. This is the second time in about a week…I purposely avoided the 1.0.5 upgrade due to the problems that were voiced about some plugins breaking. I remember reading about a FF memory leak somewhere (don’t remember where), but thought...
  • Mozilla: IE 7 to boost Firefox growth

    Via C|Net (full article here ): The Mozilla Foundation is expecting to see a surge in interest in the Firefox browser from enterprise users once Microsoft launches Internet Explorer 7 next year. Asa Dotzler, the community coordinator at the Mozilla Foundation , said Tuesday that he hopes to attract many corporate Windows 2000 users to the Firefox browser, since they will be unable to take advantage of the improvements in IE 7. What is this guy smoking? He obviously has no clue what he’s talking about...
  • Google Toolbar (BETA) is Now Available for Firefox

    From Slashdot ( full article here ): Google has released their toolbar, available in 10 languages for the Firefox browser, and available for 3 operating systems (Windows, Mac and Linux). You can download it from the Google Toolbar homepage , and you can read the Google Blog for more information." I like toolbars and all, but I’m running out of real estate in my Firefox window because either A) Firefox doesn’t support rearranging toolbars (i.e. 2 toolbars on the same line) or B) I’m too stupid to...
  • Netcraft Toolbar -- Help Prevent Phishing Attacks

    Mike found a great tool from Netcraft and has posted about it here (even better news is that it’s available for Firefox). At the very least it provides a mechanism to perform reverse DNS lookups on sites (and look at info harvested on said site by Netcraft), and at the very most it’s a great tool for phishing attack avoidance. Good find Mike, highly recommended.
  • ASP.NET Validation Controls in Firefox

    I actually figured this out with Bob a while back, but just to reiterate, the following code can get client side validation controls to work correctly in Firefox (or you can always do server side validation at the expense of postbacks): C# Page.Validate(); if ( !Page.IsValid ) { return ; } //Continue Your code VB.NET Page.Validate() If Not Page.IsValid Then Return End If 'Continue Your code Via Sushila Patel .
  • Internet Explorer Continues to Lose Popularity

    …on my site at least. According to my site stats over at Statcounter , IE is down to 70% of my visitors (about an 8% loss in 2 months)…and Firefox commands a pretty respectable 23% of the non IE crowd (with mozilla and netscape commanding almost all the rest). Of course it’s worth mentioning that this trend shouldn’t be viewed as indicative of normal browsing behavior as this site caters to a bit more of a tech-savvy crowd, but it’s still impressive nonetheless. IE7...
  • Fedora Core 3 -- Virtual PC

    Hello from Fedora Core 3 (running on VPC)! I should mention that I am a complete linux noob before I continue (I can spell l-i-n-u-x, and that's about it). This isn't my first foray into linux land (I had a round with SuSE 7.0 previously...perhaps 3 years ago?), but it is indeed my first successful one, I never could find drivers for my Voodoo 4 video card for SuSE, so it was basically unusable. Onwards to now... I won't comment on how I feel about Open Source Software (OSS, and linux in particular...
  • Make Firefox Faster -- Enable HTTP Pipelining

    Bob found a great resource for making Firefox faster for broadband users. So why is pipelining disabled by default? Shannon sent me this link explaining some of the caveats involved. I did all the tweaks mentioned except adding the custom " nglayout.initialpaint.delay" key in about:config...I am ok with changing existing keys, but if a key isn't listed, there's probably a good reason as to why it's not. I've already noticed a huge increase in speed on pages with more than a trivial amount of images...
  • The Blog Ate My Homework

    Over the years I've grown accustomed to losing saved stuff on my machine...I (usually) have backups, so it's not a big deal. This is one of those rare times when I don't, and one of those rare times when I want to throw my machine out of the window...ok, maybe not the entire machine, but one specific piece of software (who shall remain nameless for now, but it won't be too hard to figure out which application it is). Relax...take a deep breath...don't take it out on friends/pets/family. I have been...
  • Mozilla Firefox Ad -- Very Cool

    Great job on the long awaited New York Times advertisement from Firefox...looks friggin' awesome. I've done my part by downloading and installing it, have you? [Excerpt] From the email I received concerning the announcement: A preview of the ad: The complete PDF: The press release: The SpreadFirefox announcement:

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