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I posted a while back about the Feedburner MyBrand service...I've been taking it for a spin on some other low traffic feeds and am nothing less than blown away, so is now Feedburner enabled and ready to rock. Community Server 2007 has built in support for Feedburner out of the box; it's as simple as plugging values into a couple of textboxes, flipping a switch or two, and blammo...syndication feeds are burnerized. What that all means is that the transition should be seamless for existing subscribers, but here are my new feeds nonetheless:

  1. Main blog feed:
  2. Feeds I read feed:

From a hosting point of view, read Jeff Atwood's post on why you should offload your feed. v4.0 release is now complete. Thanks Feedburner!

Posted Thu, Apr 19 2007 12:15 AM by Jayson Knight
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