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Feedburner MyBrand Service -- Brand Your Feedburner Feed

I've had a Feedburner account for a while now, but have been reluctant to throw the switch on my site's feeds over to it...while I may not have a huge circulation (and therefore no "brand" to adhere to), I'd like to keep what little recognition I do have in my feed address instead of the generic, i.e. my name (or in the case of clients, their company name, etc).  Feedburner now offers a pretty impressive array of services, so I was in the process of giving in and started to configure the various options for my feed when I stumbled across this fairly buried offering of their's: Feedburner MyBrand

In essence it allows you access to all of feedburner's various offerings with the ability to integrate it into your existing URL, something like  The price offering is spot on as well, and should be something site builders can easily recoup in quotes to clients.  I have not seen this advertised in any place noticeable on their site, so thought I'd give it a plug here.  I'll be moving over to it on my main site in the very near future, probably around the time CS 2007 makes a public beta debut...seems like a no-brainer.

Posted Wed, Jan 31 2007 2:49 AM by Jayson Knight
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Scott Watermasysk wrote re: Feedburner MyBrand Service -- Brand Your Feedburner Feed
on Fri, Feb 2 2007 7:14 AM

I have been using MyBrand from the start and it has been excellent.

protected virtual void jaysonBlog { wrote -- Feedburner Pro Enabled
on Wed, Apr 18 2007 10:15 PM

I posted a while back about the Feedburner MyBrand service ...I've been taking it for a spin on some

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