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Office 2007 -- Some Installation Gotchas, But Overall Very Nice

I installed Office 2007 Enterprise over the weekend (it's available via MSDN, and other places if you know where to look); I've been using 2007 since some of the early betas and as is the usual case the RTM is faster, leaner, more polished, etc.  Getting it installed was a little cumbersome though...I was greeted numerous times with a "cannot upgrade from a pre-release version" even after I thought I had uninstalled all prior bits.  In short, make sure you uninstall anything and everything related to previous versions such as:

  • Prior releases of the Office Web Components
  • Previous versions of the MS Visual Studio 2005 Office Tools
  • Previous versions of the MS Compatibility Packs for the 2007 betas

If you don't uninstall all of the above, you'll get that error message attempting to install the RTM bits.  This post is not meant to be a review of Office 2007 as no doubt most of my audience has been running it in some sort of pre-release form.  The biggest disappointment is that neither CommentRSS or CommentAPI made it into Outlook's RSS reader, so I will continue to use Omea Reader.  Those specs are dirt simple, but the fact that they aren't "standards" probably dictated why they didn't make it in.  The instant search functionality built into Outlook (it piggy-backs off of Windows Desktop Search) is nice though, and works great.

The superstar of this release is OneNote IMO: I didn't use it much during the 2003 timeframe, however that will change drastically going forward.  I usually have a dozen or so random .txt files on my desktop with todos, code snippets, contact info, etc...these will all be consolidated into OneNote notebooks, plus OneNote is integrated into WDS as well, and supports linking up with Outlook.  Next to Outlook, it's the most time saving application of the suite IMO.

Office 2007 also supports exporting to .pdf/.xps natively now, which is a huge plus.  You can download these converters here.  The compatibility pack for earlier version formats is here, and the Visual Studio Tools are located here.

It's a little disappointing to see that the ribbon isn't standardized across all of the included applications, but this release is probably the most innovative software to come out of Redmond in a long, long time.  Well done guys...the hard work definitely shows.

Posted Sun, Nov 12 2006 7:09 PM by Jayson Knight
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