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During my last round of Rss feed pruning, I finally deleted (it's been a long time coming).  Too many of the following:

  • Duplicate posts about the same news item.
  • Posts linking to other posts on essentially saying "yeah me too" or "so-and-so posted about the following."
  • Posts that are locale specific (i.e. speaker in blah part of the country type stuff).
  • AJAX related fluff posts.

I'd say out of 20 posts, maybe 1 of them actually piques any interest from me anymore.  Nothing against the bloggers who are aggregated over there, but it's run its course...for me at least.  I'm individually subscribed to a handful of bloggers from there that I'll continue to read.  I'm also down to under 100 feeds I read on a regular basis.

Posted Fri, Oct 27 2006 10:22 AM by Jayson Knight
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