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Some Handy Links -- .Net Debugging And IIS Resources

Like most developers who are passionate about what they do for a living, I tend to throw myself into my career 120%...which usually means a lot of reading.  I also tend to read a lot to prepare for interviews, in this case the interviews I'm going through with Microsoft.  The position requires extensive knowledge in both .Net and IIS (overall broad knowledge in both with a focus on debugging and troubleshooting as it's a support based role, though the panel I screened with on Friday mentioned that this team is about 50% reactive and 50% proactive so the skillset they need is pretty varied), as well as some high level knowledge of both Commerce Server and Content Management Server as ultimately that will be 2 of the MS servers that this team will support.  Debugging .Net applications is almost an art form in itself, and arguably almost as difficult as writing applications.  My recruiters over at MS have been kind enough to tell me what I needed to brush up on (not specific links, more along the lines of specific technologies and whatnot).  I've compiled a list of links (and books) that helped me out and thought I would pass them on for anyone who is interested.

The first group are related to Asp.Net debugging as well as general .Net garbage collection:

I only have one link relating to IIS (for now), but it's probably the most important piece of literature you can read to learn the guts of IIS:

  • Straight from the IIS team, the IIS 6.0 Resource Kit (unfortunately all the files are .doc format, fortunately it's a free download...the hardcopy version is 60 bucks at bookstores).  The accompanying tools are located here.  If you are experienced with IIS you can skip the 1st section and go straight to the 2nd, and you should be able to skim through the first couple of chapters.  Believe it or not, the help docs that ship with IIS are a great source of information as well, though it's a little hit or miss.

And finally, 2 books for Commerce Server and Content Management Server:

As with IIS, the online help docs for both of these servers are chock full of information, especially if you are new to either one (such as I am).

Busy busy busy, though I have to say that reading about CS and CMS a bit more in depth has been very interesting.  Now, back to the books I go.

Posted Mon, Oct 2 2006 12:11 AM by Jayson Knight
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