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  • Who Said White Boys Don't Have Rhythm?

    In the drummer world, Buddy Rich is generally considered to be the best of all time (with Peart and Bonham running a very close second and third respectively).  The sheer amount of noise he could produce with a minimal kit (smaller kits being standard amongst jazz drummers) was staggering.  Here’s an amazing video of him in action.  Unbelievable.

    Sidenote:  A little background on Jayson as it relates to music.  My father played drums to pay the bills throughout high school and college, and later went on to play drums for the Navy when he got drafted.  That being said, as soon as I was old enough to realize what drums were, he sat me down behind a kit and taught me how to play (around age 7).  I would later switch from drums to bass (age 12), and then gave up bass for visual arts around age 15 which turned out to be a huge mistake as I had minimal talent in the visual arts arena…I was a much better musician (but I absolutely abhorred practicing which is what ultimately lead to me stopping).  I’ve been playing various pieces of hand percussion (mainly djembe and congas, with my next major purchase being a set of tablas) in my free time ever since I decided not to attend art school

    I don’t have many regrets, but giving up formal music training is definitely one of them.  Interestingly enough, it wouldn’t be drums that I would go back to if given a chance, I much prefer bass.  It’s also worth mentioning that while I definitely appreciate a good guitar riff, I never had any interest in playing guitar (what kid from my generation didn’t want to be the next Bon Jovi in elementary school?); I always knew I wanted to play bass.  Even more interesting (IMO) is that I suffer the same malady as Brian Wilson does (no, not the drug addiction):  I have severe stage fright when it comes to performing for an audience, yet I have no fear of public speaking.  Weird eh?

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  • Great Electronica Site --

    I was trying to track down a (apparently very hard to find, took me a few hours) tune recently and stumbled across this site:  If you’re an electronica fan, just go to the site and it will speak for itself…there’s more free music there than you could ever want, and from very quality DJ’s nonetheless (and you don’t even have to sign up for anything).

    For the record, the track I was looking for is “Tilt – Goodbye”, which can be found ~23 minutes into this set (and there’s another great Tilt track around the 37 minute mark as well); I had been jonesing to hear it again…an amazing tune.  The first Tilt song I ever heard was “Invisible” (circa ‘99), and I’ve been a huge fan ever since.

  • Some New Community Server Resources

    Rob has been busy posting some videos about Community Server over on the new video blog on  If you’re new to CS, it’s definitely going to be worth keeping an eye on (RSS subscription is here) as in the coming weeks some really cool content will be posted mainly targeting the wealth of new features being packed into the next release of CS.  Heck, it should even be a good resource for even the seasoned CS folks…if I had to list all of the new features off the top of my head I’d be hard pressed to do it in a single sitting.

    Also, the CS documentation has been completely overhauled (finally) and is starting to bear some semblance to [gasp] real documentation!  It’s still in beta (hence some of the placeholders and whatnot), but should be complete by the time CS RTM’s, which is still on target for February 17th.  You can thank this guy for spearheading the bulk of the technical writing behind it; fantastic job!

    And finally, Telligent held its first (and hopefully not the last) CSModule Developer Contest over the course of this previous weekend; each CS dev had an ~72 hour window to write the “coolest” CSModule they could that takes advantage of the new CSEvents/TextParts portions of CS2.0.  I simply ran out of time and couldn’t get mine submitted, but apparently great developers think alike as it was going to be virtually identical to this CSModule, which (probably) got the idea from Trillian (that’s where I borrowed the idea).  There are some great modules in the download, and I know for a fact that most of them were written in < 4 hours…so it’s very telling just how powerful and simple the CSModule framework really is.  Great stuff guys!

  • Community Server Beta 3 Released

    [Update] Go digg it here.

    Alex has just announced the availability of Community Server 2.0 beta 3.  The bug fix list is quite long, but perhaps the most appealing feature is that this release will run on ASP.NET 2.0 out of the box.  The web based installer package is available here, and the MSI installer based package is available here (new sites only, no upgrade…yet).  Enjoy.
  • ReverseDOS Spam Filter -- Works Brilliantly

    I know I’m a few days late in posting this (was supposed to have this up last Friday), but in short the ReverseDOS anti-spam filter I installed recently works absolutely brilliantly.  Trackbacks have been enabled for a week, and aside from a few rogue spams that I didn’t have filters set up for (i.e. the links to block weren’t in the RDOS.config file), I am 99% spam free.  Having a quick look at my IIS logs, I can see that RDOS blocked ~2500 would be spams in a 7 day period, and I’ve had no complaints from anyone submitting genuine requests about not being able to get through. 

    There was one spam that trickled through in spite of having a filter set up to block it, but it turns out it’s related to this post over at Mike Campbell’s blog; the spammer was simply overloading my server with concurrent bots (which is also configurable via the RDOS.config file)…apparently this has only happened once, so I’m leaving the default of 6 concurrent requests as is unless it happens again. 

    For the first time in over a year, my blog is effectively spam free, with little or no effort needed on my part other than installing RDOS, and adding any spammer URL’s that make it past the default configuration.  Of all the anti-spam tools I’ve seen out in the wild, this is the easiest to install/configure, and is highly effective.  A must have in any bloggers toolbelt.

  • Second Obligatory Panthers Post

    Thirty minutes away from the divisional title game kickoff in Seattle, so once again I’ll take a stab at making a prediction (I was close in predicting the point spread in my previous post, but the game ended up being much higher scoring than anyone could have anticipated):  Panthers over the Seahawks 27–13.  Why such a large spread?  So far all quarterbacks with minimal playoff experience have taken quite a beating, and I don’t see that changing.  Delhomme is virtually undefeated in the playoffs, and the Panthers actually play better on the road, especially in the playoffs.  Seattle has a very average defense and will not be able to contain Smith, though with Foster out Goings is really gonna have his work cut out for him.  Not to mention the Seahawks play in a pretty lame division and haven’t faced a formidable opponent virtually all season. 

    Sara, what happened to your boy Plummer?  He completely fell apart at the worst time possible!

    This has been one of the most unreal post-seasons I can remember…lots of upsets, and the wildcards have really run away with the spotlight.  Regardless of who actually faces off against Pittsburgh in Detroit, I’m still going with the Steelers to win it all.

  • Definitely The Best Blonde Joke Ever

    This one seems to be making its way around the internet, so I thought I’d give it a little push of my own:  The best blonde joke ever.  Hilarious.
  • Windows Live Messenger Beta Invites

    [Update] One left...who wants it? All gone, should have some more shortly.

    I have 5 Live Messenger beta invites to dole out…first come first serve (leave a comment with some way for me to get in touch with you), come get ‘em while they’re hot.
  • Some Blogger Link Lovin'

    Sushant has been leaving some pretty good comments on my blog as of late, so I figured I’d give him a proper introduction on my site (plus his site runs on Community Server which is always a plus :-) ).  Check out his site here.  A nice mix of tech blended in with quite a bit of humor (plus he finally got a domain name I can remember).  Keep up the good work Sushant!

  • Apparently Julius Peppers Likes Orange Juice

    I was at the local convenience store (the Circle K on Graham and 10th for any Charlotteans reading this blog) earlier tonight picking up a six pack of beer and some munchies; upon driving in I noticed a Bentley parked right out in front, so immediately I figured “professional athlete” as you really don’t see too many Bentley’s around my neck of the woods (I do live in a decent neighborhood, but a Bentley at the Circle K?  Come on…), though enough professional athletes live in Charlotte to afford one. 

    As I was getting out of my (piece of shit compared to a Bentley) car, a stunning woman hopped out of the passenger door and was heading inside…and I mean supermodel stunning.  I had the pleasure of holding the door open for her, and once inside she asked the clerk where the cooler with the juice was.  Did I mention how gorgeous this woman was? 

    Anyways, after procuring my beer and snacks and heading up to the checkout line, she started asking where a [specific brand] of orange juice was (I don’t remember the exact brand she inquired about), and the clerk said they don’t carry that brand.  Supermodel exits right.  I paid for my goods, walked outside, and noticed the driver side door was open and she was talking to the driver…lo and behold it was Julius Peppers at the wheel.  Any football fan knows who Peppers is; a rare breed of athlete who can pretty much play any position (or any sport for that matter, just read his wiki) that the coach asks him to play.  Defense, offense, special teams…wherever you put him on the line, he delivers.  Tonight I guess he just wanted some damn orange juice.

    It was so incredibly tough to fight off the urge to run over and ask for an autograph (or offer to do whatever it took to get him the brand of OJ he wanted), but I contained myself and proceeded to rubberneck for a couple of seconds…I mean come on, it’s Julius Peppers for christ’s sake!  Too bad he’s injured (but will attempt to play in this week’s conference title game), and even worse he’s a free agent as of the end of the season, though the Panthers would be damn fools not to re-sign him at whatever salary he asks for.  But wow, I saw Julius Peppers at the local convenience store tonight! 

    Did I mention his girlfriend was hot?  His Bentley was un-f’ing-real as well.  I’m sure some people are used to seeing stars on a regular basis, but not this lad :-).

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