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This year’s PDC has been pretty incredible…I am up to my ears in blog posts/channel 9 videos/whitepapers/webcasts; there is simply no way I am going to be able to wade through it all anytime soon.  Combine that with the impending releases of .Net 2.0/Asp.Net 2.0 and SQL Server 2005, and I think that we are going to be some pretty busy .Net developers in the coming months.

The one thing that has really piqued my interest is .Net Language Integrated Query (LINQ).  Anders has been talking about this for a long time, though from what I remember he was framing it for the 3.0 release…not 2.0. I even blogged about the predecessor’s predecessor’s predecessor (cOmega <- Xen <- X#)…appologies for the formating of that link by the way.  I just didn’t realize we’d have it this soon.  MS has a page up on MSDN devoted to LINQ, along with 101 C# examples.  There are plenty of arguments both for and against including domain specific language features in the core language itself…purists will argue that including such SQL like constructs in the core language leads to bloat, and what happens when the domain features themselves change…the cruft is then left in the language as dead weight…basically they would like to see a library approach.  I think LINQ (from what I can tell by the high level stuff I’ve read thusfar) had a good middle ground by not tying the querying features of LINQ directly to a backend data store, and it appears to be a pluggable architecture wherein you can write your own sinks for different backends.  Regardless, this seems like really powerful stuff and I can’t wait to start playing around with it.  What a great time to be a .Net developer, even though it’s becoming increasingly dificult to differentiate .Net 2.0 features from WinFX…though eventually I guess they’ll be one and the same.

Sidenote:  I am folding Vista and WinFX post categories into one category as they are very much related to each other.  Depending on how much material I decide to post relating to WinFX I may break it out into further subcats (such as the tla’s mentioned in the title of this post), but that remains to be seen.

Posted Mon, Sep 19 2005 11:40 PM by Jayson Knight
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