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New MSDN TV Episode -- Data with ASP.NET in Visual Studio 2005

The new MSDN TV presentation is definitely worth taking a look at.  The first you thing you will notice is that the format has changed (the demo runs embedded into IE), this is probably why we haven't had a new MSDN TV in about a month, and unintuitively there is an installer that configures the presentation whereas before it was just a .WMV file that was zipped up.  The caveat to this of course is that it's only guaranteed to work correctly in IE.  I didn't test it with Mozilla or Netscape, but hopefully it will be ok with those browsers.  I initially hated the new format (you can only view it at 100%, not fullscreen), but once you get to the meat of the demo (the code) you will notice that instead of a camera zooming around the monitor, you get a true representation of Scott's desktop...this is a welcome change and overall I think it's a nice touch.  As far as the demo itself, I think this is great stuff and I'm looking forward to it  The new IDE looks great, although an initial complaint I have is that controls are grouped together via treeviews in the control box, I personally prefer the tabbed approach that we currently have, so I hope they will provide a setting to toggle back and forth.

As a side note, Scott didn't show us any of the markup generated during the demo.  My guess is that it's XAML based, or at the very least it's all done in the markup.  I would love to have an option to have all the code placed in the code-behind.  Perhaps I am way off on this though, it very well could default to placing it in the codebehind.  I guess we will have to wait and see.

Posted Sun, Mar 28 2004 1:47 AM by Jayson Knight
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